Discover how our innovative no-code platform and stickies transform the hospitality industry.

Elevate hospitality like never before with our innovative low-code platform, Sticky, designed to improve productivity, increase sales, and captivate guests. Effortlessly create or integrate with any POS or CRM system, creating seamless and interconnected networks using our open-source integration layer.

Discover how Sticky no-code and stickies transform hospitality and guest experiences

Create and enhance any hospitality POS or CRM

The user-friendly no code platform enables businesses teams to automate tasks, collect real-time feedback, optimise marketing strategies, and gain valuable insights into their guest behaviour. Unlock the full potential of your property with Sticky, and let your imagination be the only limit to creating unforgettable experiences for your guests.


Streamline the check-in and check-out process with stickies, every transaction in ten seconds or less, reducing queues.


Create customised services and amenities based on guest preferences, ensuring a memorable stay.


Create engaging experiences, from accessing rooms, learning about local attractions and ordering room service.


Collect real-time feedback from guests, allowing for a rapid response to any issues and ensuring guest satisfaction.


Create offers and recommendations to encourage guests to spend more during their stay.


Boost room sales and table bookings by creating exclusive deals, packages, and promotions from any location.


Create experiences that enhances guest loyalty that encourages guest to return and recommend your establishment


Create tailored marketing campaigns based on guest preferences and behaviours, improving conversion rates.


Automate routine tasks and reduce manual work, freeing up your staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.


Gain insights into your business performance, allowing for better decision-making and faster problem-solving.


Create efficient and engaging training programs for staff, reducing time spent onboarding.


Simplify inventory tracking and replenishment with real-time updates, eliminating stockouts and minimising waste.

Connect custom-created flows to branded stickies placed strategically throughout a property, enabling guests to access information, make payments, and complete requests with a tap of a smartphone. Sticky’s open API simplifies automation, streamlines operations, and creates a seamlessly connected experience for guests.

Harness the power of Sticky’s low code platform. With our award winning no-code platform, you can develop projects faster than ever before, scale up or down based on business needs, and customise pre-built templates with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Sticky® is building a developer network effect.

Create applications with low-code.

With Sticky, you can build your own custom solutions using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and JavaScript.

Whether you need to connect Sticky to your EPOS/CRM system, automate flows, or enhance customer experience, you can do it all with our low-code platform.

Open source. Write flow steps in Javascript and connect to EPOS/CRM. Our integration layer is open source.

Open API. Access everything with our 100% open API. Automate tasks, sync your data.

Plug and play SDK. We make it easy to write flow steps for the global developer community.