Objectives of the project

Boston Burger sought a flexible, user-friendly solution to maintain customer satisfaction, especially with a busy queue system. Enter Sticky.



Initially, Boston Burger faced challenges due to its quickly gained popularity. Customers would have to queue for 10 minutes, place their orders, and then return after 15 minutes for collection. This made even a simple lunchtime burger a long-drawn affair. The owners realised they needed to find a way to streamline the process without compromising on quality or customer experience.


Key Problems:

  • Long queues led to customer dissatisfaction.
  • A need to relieve staff pressure.
  • Requirement for an easy-to-implement solution.


Sticky offered Boston Burger the flexibility to integrate with their existing payment provider, Retail Merchant Services. Sticky’s platform provided various features that helped Boston Burger:

Smart Local Click & Collect

  • Distributed 100 stickers to local businesses and offices
  • Easy tap-to-order and payment feature
  • Customisable special offers and loyalty programmes

Expanded Sticker Distribution

  • Extended sticker distribution to hairdressers, beauty outlets, gyms, pubs, and gaming cafes
  • Collaborated with gyms to create custom protein drinks available for tap-to-order
  • Customers in hairdressers and beauty outlets can now order while getting services
  • Local pubs and gaming cafes have also integrated the stickers for tap-and-collect options

Order Screens & Printers

  • Real-time order management
  • Streamlined kitchen operations during busy hours

Extended Outreach

  • Direct online links to the restaurant’s website, Google Business, and social media channels

Project Outcomes

Since implementing Sticky, Boston Burger has seen a significant increase in the average spend per customer, with over 50% of sales now attributed to the Sticky ecosystem. This enabled them to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction while also growing the business.



  • Over 50% of sales through Sticky
  • Increased average spend per customer
  • Real-time order management and streamlined kitchen operations



We now have a click and collect system where customers can order and choose a time they wish to pick up their order in-store. This has helped ease wait times, increase spend per head, and generate customer loyalty. If we are busy, we can also customise our system to show alerts, delay orders and switch off products when out of stock.
Jamie Duffell, Boston Burger