Elevating Leisure and Holiday Parks

At Sticky, we think innovation is the key to a thriving leisure and holiday park industry. Our meticulously developed award-winning low-code platform and complementary app are tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises in this vibrant sector.

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Key features of Sticky technology in the Leisure Sector

In today’s fast-paced world of park and attraction technology, Sticky integrates your existing CRM systems with cutting-edge customer experiences through its Open API and low-code philosophy. This innovative approach empowers you to shape our solution to align with your specific business goals, ensuring an unparalleled visitor experience.

Elevating the Visitor Experience with the Sticky App

Comprehensive Features for Guests:

  • What’s On & Booking Tickets: Offer guests a comprehensive guide to the day’s shows and events with real-time updates and facilitate real-time ticket bookings through the Sticky app.
  • Tap and Pay & Check-out Feedback: Enhance transaction experiences and integrate a feedback flow for continual improvement and heightened guest satisfaction.
  • Translation & ID Verification: Cater to a global audience by offering content translations and incorporating a secure ID verification system for a seamless check-in process.
  • Interactive Maps & Smart Access: Empower guests with intricate maps and easy access to their accommodation and park facilities.
  • 24/7 Support & Efficient Check-in: The app’s ‘Halo’ feature delivers continuous information and support, and the Sticky app refines the check-in process for touring or late guests.
  • Direct Food Delivery Service & Integrated Bookings & Payments: Revolutionise in-park dining and enhance the holiday rental booking experience with the Sticky app.

For Prospective Buyers:

  • Express Interest with Tap & In-App Promotions for Sales: The Sticky app offers an intuitive way for potential buyers to register their interest and receive tailored in-app promotions.
  • Virtual Exploration & Efficient Lead Capture: The app offers immersive virtual tours and collects vital contact details for effective follow-up communications.
  • Seamless Viewings & Streamlined Payments and Discounts: Integrated with various calendar applications, the app allows buyers to schedule viewings and utilise direct payment links.
  • Navigating with Precision & Safety and Upkeep Insights: Interactive maps guide prospective buyers to the perfect plot, and the Sticky app equips buyers with comprehensive information on safety evaluations and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).

How Sticky Works

Open API Integration – Our open API ensures a direct data flow between our platform and your existing CRM/ePOS system, harmonising your systems, eliminating data silos, and enabling efficient communication.

Low Code Platform – With our low code platform, integration is simplified, diminishing the reliance on intricate programming skills. This enables you to implement Stickies swiftly and efficiently, without the necessity for extensive development resources.

Flexibility and Adaptability – Recognising the uniqueness of every business, our open API and low code platform grant you the ability to customise our solution to meet your distinct business needs, ensuring a tailor-made solution that aligns effortlessly with your objectives.


With the use of this technology, we have created interactive stickers, that we call Stickies, which can be distributed across retail spaces for different uses. Explore how you can utilise this technology in your spaces:

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