Whether you run a 5-Star hotel or idyllic boutique guest house, technology is a must for any hotelier but choosing from many POS and hotel management tech providers and associated hotel apps is a challenging exercise for any business in the hospitality sector, regardless of size.

Combine POS and guest experiences

Create a hotel ecosystem to combine POS and guest experience with our innovative technology platform. Design touchpoints in rooms and the hotels amenities to link and promote guest services and the local area.

Create multiple functions and actions

Stickies can be placed where you need to enhance guest experience, order, organise, pay for food and even give feedback. Not dependent on WIFI connectivity, your guests mobile device does the heavy lifting without an app to download or scanning of QR codes.

Poolside and beach

Allocate stickers to specific areas creating a 5 Star guest experience. The hotel team receive notifications and instantly know where to deliver the order.

Hotel restaurant

Create pay at table solutions and extended menu information. Include video explanations of featured wines and bubbles and local producers you use.

Smooth Operations and increased productivity

Providing an enhanced user experience is one thing, we give you the tools to enable back of house to deliver on service. Whether it’s cocktails on the beach, room service or the restaurants, each area of the hotel is easily identifiable enabling staff to know exactly what is ordered and where it needs to go to.