Whether you run a 5-Star hotel or idyllic boutique guest house, technology is a must for any hotelier but choosing from many ePOS and hotel management tech providers and associated hotel apps is a challenging exercise for any business in the hospitality sector, regardless of size.

Sticky® is unique, we put you firmly in the driving seat and provide you with the tools to build your own hotel management solution all from one dashboard.

Say goodbye to expensive and unconnected solutions and hello to the freedom of next generation hospitality tech.

Hotel technology all in one dashboard

Post COVID and the surge in hospitality tech continues, we believe it’s important for hoteliers to design technology solutions around their individual guests. The Sticky dashboard gives you the freedom to create guest experiences like no other, if you feel more comfortable with an out of the box solution, we’ve got you covered!

Guest check in and out

Speed up the process for guest check in and out, guests simply tap a sticky at reception. When checking out, create a small survey or link to your preferred review platform making it easy for guests to review you while onsite.

Food & Drink

Stickies can be placed anywhere you want your guests to order and pay for food and not dependent on connectivity with the hotel main site, it’s your guests mobile phone that does all the work without a QR code to scan or app to download with little impact for your guests phone space or data.

Room service

Tailor guest experiences to your location, create multiple types and instances that you simply switch on for individual rooms. Example, you may have a leading exhibition in the area so the information and links may differ to a family on vacation, you simply turn on the correct ‘flow’ and tailor the experience for your individual guests and rooms.

Poolside and beach

Allocate stickers to specific areas and furniture creating a 5 Star guest experience. Hotel team members receive a notification of the order and instantly know where to deliver to which increases guest spend and assists with staffing and operational costs.

Hotel restaurant

Create pay at table solutions and extended menu information. Include video explanations of featured wines and bubbles to information on local produce, premium choices and hotel events during your guests stay at the hotel.

Weddings and events

Limit hotel bar queues and increase hotel guest spend with a order and pay at table solution that you specifically design for each event.

Conferencing & Events

Create corporate touchpoints for for pre-paid delegate packages. Distribute stickies to your corporate accounts and make it easy for them to order food and drink ahead of time, book rooms and pay for events from the office.

Develop your own bolt-on corporate packages to supercharge your event managers revenue streams, your Sticky® dashboard is limitless!

Hotel management platform

Easy re-order or ready notice for pre-paid food and drink.

Smooth Operations

Providing an enhanced user experience is one thing, we give you the tools to enable back of house to deliver on service. Whether it’s cocktails on the beach, room service or the restaurants, each area of the hotel is easily identifiable enabling staff to know exactly what is ordered and where it needs to go to.

Connecting payment providers

Flexible and easy to either create new services or bolt on to existing hotel management systems, talk to the team about bringing your existing payment provider or creating an account with our market leading Stickypay available in over 30 countries.

Integrating existing hotel management systems

Sticky® Developers

Utilise our ground breaking Sticky® development team at NO extra cost. Bring your existing hotel management systems and new dashboard under one umbrella, or simply choose Sticky® as a standalone facility enhancing your existing operational flow.

Existing or legacy hotel management

Deliverect offers quality integrations across a wide range of systems and POS platforms around the world, and continues to build new ones every day. From food delivery app aggregation to your point-of-sale system and stock management tools.

Visit the website for a full list of integrating platforms

Feedback & Marketing

Create surveys targeting multiple and get to know your guests and gain valuable insight. Building short surveys and feedback forms is a fundamental tool for your marketing team, it doesn’t get any easier with a Sticky® dashboard and multiple forms can be created in an instant.

pay at table

Grays Court Hotel, York

The vibrant and diverse history of Grays Court provides the opportunity to stay, dine and relax in a building that has seen knighthoods bestowed, played host to kings and has the privilege of being the only privately owned building in York with direct access to York’s City walls.