From the global enterprise to thousands of dreamers and makers, they all use Sticky® to solve problems in physical spaces.

Be inspired to build and create your own solutions and bring physical and virtual spaces together.

Hospitality Sector

Hotels & Leisure

Deliver a guest experience like no other, create solutions that work.


Go beyond order and pay at table creating tailored hospitality experiences.

Bars & Nightclubs

Build pay at table, touch points virtually in any location.

QSR & Fast Food

Build commission free for delivery and curbside pick-up.

Exhibitions & Events

Exhibition and event management solutions that gather meaningful data for analysis. Offer premium delegate enhancements to boost sponsorship opportunities and UX.

Festivals & Events

Increase spend and enhance visitor experience. Lanyards to check in that will super charge sponsorship opportunities and offer deep dive insights.

Stadia & Fan Engagement

Bring your services, food and drink, membership and loyalty together and create more with surveys and man of the match voting.

Corporate & Charity Sector

BIDS & Local Authorities

Empower your local high street with next generation fintech and access powerful tools to enhance and support your area.

Charity & Fundraising

Make donations quick and easy for the public and have all the simplicity of contactless payments without the high cost of hardware.


Connecting the workforce, enhance remote working and bring teams together. Workplace check in and out, coffee orders and more.



Create your own scan and shop solutions, reduce queues at the counter and let customers shop, even when you’re closed.

Direct To Consumer

Every flow you create becomes a powerful in-home brand experience and engages consumers with your brand.


Create an ecosystem that promotes spend in the local community and supports local traders.