The “No code” Operating System

Create solutions to take payments, get feedback, increase productivity and gain insight into consumer behaviour.

Intuitive & Easy To Use

Non-developers build anything in a physical space in under 10 minutes.


Drag and drop over 100 flow steps. It's all about your own look and feel.

You Own The Data

Own your own data; never miss another opportunity!

Feature Rich

Go beyond what you already know about apps and make something even better.

Stickers don’t depend on WiFi. Simply place them anywhere to create a consumer touchpoint, with no QR code or app to download.

The operating system for physical spaces

Our Stats

Together, our award winning team and no code operating system empowers businesses globally to create solutions that take consumer interaction to a whole new level.

Coffee Cups


Outlets & Touchpoints




Sticker Taps


A Developer Network For Physical Spaces

The ultimate developer platform. Make your own flow steps in JavaScript or build your own custom POS on top of our technology.

Open source

Write flow steps in plain Javascript and connect Sticky to EPOS/CRM yourself. Our integration layer is open source.

Open API

100% open API makes everything in the Sticky dashboard automatable.

Plug & Play SDK

Plug and play SDK makes it easy to write flow steps for the global developer community - or just your business.


Everything you need to make more money and transform experiences in hospitality, retail, the enterprise and more