Solve problems in physical spaces with Sticky™ branded stickers

Everything you need to improve convenience and make more money in hospitality, retail, the enterprise and more

Order anywhere sticker

Order anywhere

Don't make your customers download an app that tells them to buy from your competitors. Let them order without scanning a QR code, downloading an app, choosing their table or typing in a card number.

Offer an experience that's 10x faster than anything else.

Discovery trail sticker

Area + venue discovery

Enhance your area or venue with a discovery trail. Curate the visitor experience from their first Google search through to their last physical step. No app required.

Choose locations and add rich info+video in just a few clicks. All your visitors have to do is tap.

Retail sticker


Imagine a world where there's no compromise between your physical store and online sales.

Your customers see an always-visible cart as they tap stickies in your store. If they've checked out with a sticky anywhere just once before, they can pay with a single tap.

Check in sticker

Check in

How annoying is giving your name and number to every restaurant? Free your customers from this pain.

Build a one-step check in so your customers only have to input in their info once for every venue they visit. No app. No sign up or log in. Just the quickest check in ever.

How do I tap a sticky?

How to tap a sticky

Why Sticky™?

It's engaging

People engage with stickies they guarantee a quick, safe and valuable experience.

You decide what's inside the "tap me" frame.

It makes money

Build solutions that are engaging and profitable.

Turn anything into a point-of-sale, take donations and let people pay in 10 seconds or less.

You get the best data

Watch your solutions grow and make money.

Answer "who" and "why" over "what" or "where", or export your data quickly for deeper analysis.

You're in control

Design and build your app online. Update stickies at scale from anywhere in the world.

Feeling smart? We are 100% API and webhook driven. There are truly no limits.

About Sticky

Inspired initially by our phones' underserved potential and later by aggregation theory, Sticky lets you make a new kind of solution which is both digital and physical - a transformative physical↔digital experience.

Every sticky is made of premium, weather-proof polypropylene and a solid 0.8mm thick backing. At a perfect 45×60mm, every one is something you'll want to keep.

Meet the team

We're a young, fun and professional team with an Entrepreneur First alum and decades of experience in tech and payments.

James Garner, CEO



Priscilla Israel, COO



Jamie Exley, Head of Payments


Head of Payments

Paul Newton, Head of Logistics


Head of Logistics

Tracy Hazlewood, Partnership Manager


Partnership Manager

New Team Member


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