Transforming discovery. Disrupting retail.We create experiences that grow local economies.

Gym sticker - "Tap me to work out"

Area + venue discovery

Let people discover and enjoy your area or venue with interactive discovery trails. Curate and enhance their experience from their first Google search through to their last physical step.

It's easy for visitors. They tap stickers to see a live map of where they've visited with rich info+video. And where to go next? Easy. No app required.

Our discovery trails are world-first — no others provide a genuinely engaging, interactive and stateful experience.

Retail sticker - "Pay here"

Retail + donations

Imagine a world where there's no compromise between your physical and digital experiences. Find our retailtech at every point in the consumer journey.

Your customers see an always-visible cart as they browse your store. If they've checked out with Sticky before, check out becomes a single tap. No sign up or log in. Ever.

Let your customers pay with Apple Pay+Google Pay, even on the web with a purely digital storefront. No config; no setup. Just the best retail experience. Ever.

Order at table sticker

Order at table

Let your customers order food and drink from their table without signing up or typing in a card number.

Don't make your customers download an app that tells them to buy from your competitors. Let your customers order with an app-less experience that's 100% your look and feel.

The quickest and most beautiful ordering experience. Ever.

Return to work sticker

Return to work

Use our tech to know where and when your employees really worked in the office by placing our stickers on every desk and workspace.

Create an incredible feedback loop between the day-to-day and product strategy, seating plans, mentoring and your teams' working from home schedule.

Sticky is the easiest way to make your workplace COVID-secure and return to work.

Exercise stickerReorder sticker

Make a new kind of experience that's both digital and physical. Map the unmappable. Turn anything into a point-of-sale. Grow the economy.

People are building the future on Sticky.

Why Sticky?

It's engaging

People engage with our stickers because the "tap me" frame guarantees they have a valuable experience and their data is safe.

You decide what's inside the "tap me" frame. We help you make a design that pops!

It makes money

Build experiences that are both incredibly engaging and profitable.

Turn anything into a point-of-sale, take donations and let people pay by themselves in 5 seconds or less.

You get the best data

Watch your experiences grow and make money with our event explorer. We help you answer "who" and "why" over "what" or "where".

Or export your data quickly for deeper analysis.

You're in control

Design and build your experience online. Update your stickers at scale from anywhere in the world.

Feeling smart? We are 100% API and webhook driven. No limits!

Like what you see? Let's talk

James Garner, CEO

James Garner


Nick Goldman, CTO

Nick Goldman


Dom, Data scientist


Data scientist

Paul, Financial controller


Financial controller

Meet the team

Hey there! We're James and Nick. We're technical co-founders (CompSci) with backgrounds at Entrepreneur First, VMware, SuperAwesome, Beamery and PlayStation.

We use our spare time to make a difference as leaders at the intersection of LGBT+ and tech by organising events for the Intertech professional network.

Our vision

We made Sticky because most companies can create great digital products, and some companies can create great physical products, but hardly any companies create products that are both.

Inspired initially by NFC's underserved potential and later by microeconomics, Sticky is a highly defensible technology layer that lets companies make a new kind of application which is both digital and physical.

Like what you see? Let's talk

If you have an iPhone XS, XR, 11 or 2020 SE, unlock it and tap the sticker with the centre-top. Tap the "Open in Safari" notification.

If you have iPhone 7 and later, get NFC TagInfo from the App Store. Choose "Scan & Launch" in the app.

Sticky works on every Android phone. Make sure "NFC" is turned on in your settings.

If you can use Google Pay, you can use Sticky too!