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In the dynamic world of technology, Sticky stands out as an exciting digital innovation, bridging the gap between communities. We are dedicated to fostering this vital connection between cultures, laying the foundation for ground-breaking digital solutions.

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Key features of Sticky technology

Open API Integration: Sticky’s open API facilitates seamless data exchange with existing CRM/ePOS systems, making it ideal for community and cultural event organisers who need to integrate various data sources for efficient event management and participant tracking.

Low Code Platform: The platform’s low code nature enables quick and easy setup, crucial for community events where technical resources might be limited. This feature allows organisers to implement technology solutions with minimal programming expertise.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Sticky’s solutions are highly adaptable, catering to the unique needs of community events and cultural festivals. This flexibility ensures that organisers can tailor the technology to suit diverse event formats and requirements.

Sticky’s technology, with its versatile features, offers innovative solutions for enhancing community and cultural events, from discovery trails to complex event management. Its open API, low-code platform, and adaptability make it a valuable tool for creating interactive, safe, and efficiently managed cultural experiences.


With the use of this technology, we have created interactive stickers, that we call Stickies, which can be distributed across community event spaces for different uses. Explore how you can utilise this technology in your community initiatives:

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