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In the vibrant scene of events and culture, Sticky emerges as a beacon of digital transformation, integrating with your existing event management systems to redefine the attendee experience. Our commitment is to amplify this crucial connection, paving the way for unparalleled event and cultural solutions.

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Key Features of Sticky Technology for Events

Open API Integration – Our open API ensures fluid data exchange between our platform and your existing event management systems, harmonising the two, eliminating data discrepancies, and promoting efficient communication.

Low Code Platform – Sticky’s low code platform simplifies the integration process, reducing the need for complex programming. This ensures quick and efficient deployment of Stickies, without the need for extensive technical resources.

Flexibility and Adaptability – Recognising the distinctiveness of every event and cultural setting, our open API and low code platform allow you to tailor our solution to resonate with your specific needs, ensuring a bespoke solution that aligns with your vision.

Real-time Data Analysis
Sticky’s platform is designed to not only engage attendees but also to capture and analyse their interactions in real-time. This dynamic monitoring allows event organisers to understand which promotions or segments are resonating most with the audience. With our advanced analytics, organisers gain a comprehensive view of attendee behaviour, ensuring that every decision is data-driven and enhances the overall event experience.

Optimal Stickies Placement
Equipped with insights from our platform, event organisers can strategically determine the most effective locations for Stickies. Whether it’s in high-traffic zones, adjacent to specific exhibits, or at crucial entry and exit points, understanding where attendees are most engaged ensures that Stickies are placed for maximum impact.

Continuous Improvement
The value of Sticky’s technology extends beyond the event’s duration. The data captured serves as a feedback loop, offering insights into areas of success and those needing refinement. This post-event analysis is crucial for tailoring future events, ensuring they evolve to meet attendees’ preferences and deliver even more engaging experiences.


With the use of this technology, we have created interactive stickers, that we call Stickies, which can be distributed across event spaces for different uses. Explore how you can utilise this technology in your events spaces:

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