A Partnership for Humanity

Sticky is proud to share the story of our collaboration with Life for African Mothers (LFAM) in Sierra Leone, a partnership that embodies our commitment to leveraging technology for humanitarian causes. Our advanced asset tracking system played a crucial role in the secure and accurate delivery of essential medication to mothers across the region, showcasing the power of technology in saving lives.

The Challenge: Ensuring Safe Delivery of Medication

In Sierra Leone, LFAM faced the monumental task of distributing 3100 medication packs, each containing 60 life-saving tablets, across 27 clinics. The challenge was not just logistical but also ensuring that these vital resources reached their intended recipients securely and efficiently.

Sticky’s Solution: Advanced Asset Tracking and NFC Technology

Sticky’s state-of-the-art asset tracking system provided the perfect solution. By equipping clinics with unique stickers, we enabled the recording of medication distribution right at the point of prescription. This system enhanced the process from depot to prescription, ensuring meticulous traceability and preventing potential issues or misplacements. Our NFC-enabled devices allowed for real-time tracking with geo-location features, offering a comprehensive view of the distribution network.

Impact: Seamless Distribution and Enhanced Accountability

This initiative has significantly streamlined the distribution process, providing accurate tracking and ensuring a consistent supply of medication. The data collected is invaluable, painting a clear picture of the efficiency and impact of the distribution network. Our technology not only supports LFAM’s mission but also represents a substantial step towards a future where technology underpins humanitarian efforts.

Statement from Sticky’s COO

“Our advanced asset tracking system is more than just a technological solution; it’s a means of ensuring reliable delivery of life-saving medication to mothers in Sierra Leone,” says Sticky’s Chief Operating Officer, Priscilla Israel. We are immensely proud of our role in this vital initiative, which highlights the significant potential of integrating technology in the charity sector for proactive engagement and impactful partnerships.