Objectives of the project

The challenge was to create an interactive experience for the delegates, speakers, and exhibitors over a 2-day period, whilst also capturing valuable data for future event planning.

Sticky proved to be the seamless, no-code solution for all their needs, including fast connect and lead generation.


Hoseasons sought a platform that would allow:

  • Viewing of the 2-day itinerary for over 600 delegates
  • Enhanced interaction between delegates, speakers, and exhibitors
  • Data capture, including movement and interest heat maps
  • Feedback collection from delegates
  • Fast connect with speakers and exhibitors
  • Lead generation for exhibitors

Hoseasons Event Hoseasons Event

How Sticky generated delegate heat maps, leads & information for Hoseasons


The sticky no code platform caters to a variety of audiences and environments, implementing a platform that catered for mainstream delegates, exhibitors and speakers, all could utilise the platform.

Hoseasons needed to capture data, movement, and a heat map for speaker interest and feedback. This would assist with the future event planning.
Sticky’s no-code platform catered to the varied needs of delegates, exhibitors, and speakers alike, providing the Hoseasons marketing team with the ability to independently create a comprehensive access point that included:

  • Check In
  • Brochure downloads
  • Exhibitor contact information
  • Speaker decks to take away
  • Book meeting slots
  • Gain feedback (thumbs up) and comment
  • Exhibitor maps
  • Itinerary
  • SMS Notifications
  • Supply a lead generation facility to exhibitors

Preview of Hoseasons system built with Sticky

Preview of Hoseasons system built with Sticky

Project Outcomes

Sticky’s platform provided actionable insights to streamline future events, and enabled Hoseasons to generate valuable leads. Activity and peak time reporting, provide learning to streamline operation for future events. 2,598 interactions were recorded and delegate interest / lead provision was created. Over 500 attendees checked in along with mailing list sign ups.


Hoseasons sought a platform that would allow:

  • Ability to build a bespoke conference experience
  • Easy data capture for better future planning
  • Increased interactions between delegates, speakers, and exhibitors
  • Streamlined operations for large-scale events
  • Enabled fast connect and lead generation

The Sticky platform has proven to be a pivotal tool for Hoseasons, helping them not only to meet but exceed their conference objectives.


Sticky’s platform exceeded our expectations. It not only enhanced delegate experience but provided us with crucial data and insights for planning future events. Its flexibility and user-friendly design allowed our marketing team to tailor the conference features, including fast connect and lead generation, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for our delegates.
Hoseasons Team