If you could rebuild the world, how would it work?

Imagine if people could interact with the world around them by simply tapping their phone on a sticker: a kind of physical↔digital app transactional in the short term and stateful in the long. And all without installing anything or creating an account.

You are about to make this world possible. You are about to build the future.

The world needs Sticky but it needs you more

Have you tried ordering a pint through a QR code? Try getting through the flow in less than 5 minutes.

Table service is just one example of a physical↔digital app. When developers make apps like this, they struggle to make them consistently good because they're used to making apps where they have the user's undivided attention. They see sign up and log in as features rather than a burden, they don't have any network effects, and they're using tools which aren't built for the job.

The consumer traction they get is often too poor to justify investing serious time and money, which is why the state of play today is so disappointing. So we built Sticky.

Sticky lets anyone make branded physical↔digital apps without writing any code. Our tech already improves convenience and productivity in hospitality, fitness, construction and discovery — and we're just getting started.

Warning: magic inside

Every sticky has the same shape and size so consumers recognise and trust them, but the inside is up to you. In a world where Just Eat and Tripadvisor make identity a commodity, get your identity back and build strong, direct relationships with your customers where it matters — in person.

We've included 3 random designs for you to get started. But don't let the design limit you; your stickies can do anything you like. Use our "prebaked" apps like a discovery trail or point-of-sale if you don't code. If you do, build anything with our SDK in just a few lines of JavaScript, all without leaving your browser.

Get started → sticky.to/vip/

How do I tap a sticky?

How to tap a sticky