No app. No sign up or log in. No third party commoditising your customers.Sticky is the easiest way to make your venue COVID-secure and reopen now.

Our stickers allow anyone with a smartphone to interact with the world around them, inside or outside, using the same technology as contactless payments.

Just tap a sticker with your phone. No app required.

Let your customers order food and drink from their table without signing up or typing in a card number.

The quickest and most beautiful ordering experience. Ever.

Your customers will love using Sticky both during and after the pandemic.

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Reach your customers where it matters — your venue

Why Sticky?

It's engaging

People engage with our stickers because the "tap me" frame guarantees they have a valuable experience and their data is safe.

You decide what's inside the "tap me" frame. We help you make a design that pops!

It's all about you

Don't make your customers download an app that tells them to buy from your competitors.

Let your customers order with an app-less experience that's 100% your look and feel.

You're in control

Design and control your products and stickers online. Update stickers at scale from anywhere in the world.

This is the easiest and most fun way to bounce back. No EPOS or card machines required.

You get the best data

Watch your venue grow and make money. We help you answer "who" and "why" over "what" or "where".

Or export your data quickly for deeper analysis.

Offer a phenomenal ordering experience



Per sticker

No minimum order on our cool stock designs. Minimum 50 for your own design. Free delivery.


On payments

No minimum amount, no subscription, no fixed charge and no cost to withdraw.


No subscription

We don't believe in paying more for something you already own. Support is free.

Questions and answers

Why would I choose Sticky over a "order at table" app?

  • Downloading apps is slow and annoying. Our tech doesn't need an app.
  • Creating order friction (by making your customers download an app) reduces the probability they will order from their table and observe social distancing, putting your venue at risk of breaking the rules.
  • Third party apps have nothing to do with your venue's identity, commoditising the relationship between you and your customers (customers build a relationship with the app instead of with you). This erodes your identity over time. In fact, these third party apps only make money when they break the direct relationship between you and your customers. We make money when this relationship is stronger, not weaker.
  • Nearly all apps are bad and/or ugly because the developers have built them quickly in response to the pandemic, so they reflect poorly on your venue. We started building our tech before Coronavirus was something any of us had heard of, making us the user experience experts in discovery and retail.
  • Our stickers are an attractive reminder that your venue has a digital presence and is moving with the times. Instead of making your customers to download a third party app, our stickers show your customers you have really thought about digital and made something unique.

How can there really be no setup or subscription costs?

To understand how we can do this, you have to understand that the economics of startups work very differently from incumbents like EPOS providers. Whilst the incumbents have to employ an army of suit-and-tie travelling sales people, we make a solution that truly sells itself. As a technology company, we also approach "zero marginal costs", which means it doesn't cost us much money to onboard new customers because the hard work on product development has already been done.

Can I take regular card payments?

No, your customers must use a "mobile wallet" (Apple Pay/Google Pay) on their phone. If they can already pay for something on their phone or get on the tube, they're good to go. Our hunch is that mobile payments are the future, so we're excited to play a part in moving the world forward and away from paying by card.

That said, we're working on integrations with regular card machines and multiple EPOS systems anyway so you can use Sticky to run everything ecommerce at your venue.

What if something doesn't work? What does support look like?

You'll have a number you can call to speak to us directly, any time of day or night (one of us is awake for every hour of the day). We're an agile, growing startup so we move fast and build/fix things in hours not days.

How do I get paid?

We pay weekly straight into your bank account. We never withhold funds. Please get in touch if you're struggling. We can do magic.

Our long term play is to make payouts instant (we have an engineering roadmap to do things like that like every other tech company).

How do you justify the payment fee?

All payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe etc) charge a fee to cover fraud and their investment in payment technology. They also cover the fees from card providers like Mastercard or Visa. We have to cover our costs in the same way; in fact we make a loss on low value payments at this % because we don't charge a fixed fee per payment.

As the turnkey solution reopening the hospitality sector, we stand by the payment fee as our way of making our work free of setup, support and subscription costs.

There are absolutely no other costs; this is the final flat-rate fee per payment and our weekly payouts give you 100% of what you're owed.

Can you integrate with my EPOS?

If it's popular enough, yes, and we can do it for free as it allows us to work with other venues that use it. However, you should find our dashboard does everything your EPOS can already: product management, stock control, 'hospitality view' for bar staff, FOH etc. And it's free.

Can I take international payments? What if my venue isn't in the UK?

Our payments tech works around the world: there's no limits on geography. You can choose currencies product-by-product in the dashboard.

Can I control the branding of the interface?

Your identity is important to you and your customers, so we don't commoditise it like Amazon or other marketplaces. You can change the messaging, colours, logo etc. Most customers have no idea the tech is implemented by someone else. And of course, the sticker design is completely up to you. We help you make a design that pops!

How do refunds work?

The short answer is, as you'd expect. Your customers are entitled to refunds in line with the law. You can request payments to be refunded through the dashboard. We reconcile refunds daily, less the payment fee, so even refunds requested on Thursday afternoon will be reflected in a payout on Friday morning.

Can I make your stickers link to my existing online store instead?

A better question is not if you can, but if you should. Our value is making it easy for you to build better digital experiences. The dashboard will let you do this, but we only recommend it if your online store experience is better than ours (which is unlikely).

Be a part of something even bigger

Gym sticker - "Tap me to work out"

Area + venue discovery

Let people discover and enjoy your area or venue with interactive discovery trails. Curate and enhance their experience from their first Google search through to their last physical step.

It's easy for visitors. They tap stickers to see a live map of where they've visited with rich info+video. And where to go next? Easy. No app required.

Our discovery trails are world-first — no others provide a genuinely engaging, interactive and stateful experience.

Retail sticker - "Pay here"

Retail + donations

Imagine a world where there's no compromise between your physical and digital experiences. Find our retailtech at every point in the consumer journey.

Your customers see an always-visible cart as they browse your store. If they've checked out with Sticky before, check out becomes a single tap. No sign up or log in. Ever.

Let your customers pay with Apple Pay+Google Pay, even on the web with a purely digital storefront. No config; no setup. Just the best retail experience. Ever.

Order at table sticker

Order at table

Let your customers order food and drink from their table without signing up or typing in a card number.

Don't make your customers download an app that tells them to buy from your competitors. Let your customers order with an app-less experience that's 100% your look and feel.

The quickest and most beautiful ordering experience. Ever.

Return to work sticker

Return to work

Use our tech to know where and when your employees really worked in the office by placing our stickers on every desk and workspace.

Create an incredible feedback loop between the day-to-day and product strategy, seating plans, mentoring and your teams' working from home schedule.

Sticky is the easiest way to make your workplace COVID-secure and return to work.

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