Your brand. No sign up or log in.The quickest and most beautiful ordering experience, ever.

Sticker designs for "order anywhere"

Our stickers allow anyone with a smartphone to interact with the world around them, inside or outside, using the same technology as contactless payments.

Just tap a sticker with your phone. No app required.

Let your customers order food and drink from their table without signing up or typing in a card number.

The quickest and most beautiful ordering experience. Ever.

Your customers will love ordering, paying and engaging with your venue using Sticky.

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Reach your customers where it matters — your venue

Why Sticky?

It's engaging

People engage with our stickers because the "tap me" frame guarantees they have a valuable experience and their data is safe.

You decide what's inside the "tap me" frame. We'll make you a design that pops.

It's all about you

Don't make your customers download an app that tells them to buy from your competitors.

Let your customers order with an app-less experience that's 100% your look and feel.

You're in control

Design and control your products and stickers online. Update stickers at scale from anywhere in the world.

This is the easiest and most fun way to bounce back. No EPOS or card machines required.

You get the best data

Watch your venue grow and make money. We help you answer "who" and "why" over "what" or "where".

Or export your data quickly for deeper analysis.

Offer a phenomenal ordering experience




No monthly fee or support costs.

We're here to help you make amazing things.



We'll make you a design that pops, or choose one of ours.

Order as many as you need, however often you need them.


On payments

Flat rate 3% per transaction.

Sell less, pay less.

Questions and answers

Why would I choose Sticky over an 'order at table' app?

  • Downloading apps is slow and annoying. Our tech doesn't need an app.
  • Creating order friction (by making your customers download an app or scan a QR code) reduces the probability they will order from their table by themselves.
  • Third party apps have nothing to do with your venue's identity, commoditising the relationship between you and your customers (customers build a relationship with the app instead of with you). This erodes your identity over time. In fact, these third party apps only make money when they break the direct relationship between you and your customers. We make money when this relationship is stronger, not weaker.
  • Nearly all apps are bad and ugly because developers built them quickly in response to COVID-19. We started building our tech before COVID-19 was something any of us had heard of.

How can there really be no setup costs? How is it so cheap?

Startup economics are different to incumbents like EPOS providers or card payment companies. Whilst the incumbents have to employ an army of suit-and-tie travelling sales people to sell something that is similar to everything else on the market, we make something visionary and different that typically sells itself.

As a technology company, we approach "zero marginal costs", which means it doesn't cost us much money to onboard new customers because the hard development work has already been done. And when we add new features, we offer them to every customer without them having to pay more. We can scale incredibly quickly because our dashboard is completely self-service.

Can I take regular card payments?

Yes! Sticky triggers Apple Pay or Google Pay if they are available, otherwise customers can use their card details to pay. Most phones can autocomplete the card number, making paying almost as good and quick as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

We're working on integrations with card machines for non-mobile card payments. Watch this space.

Can you integrate with my EPOS?

No. Our strategy is to give you everything you need to run your business, from product management and stock control to a live 'hospitality view' showing sticker orders and instant reporting.

Soon you will be able to run everything ecommerce at your venue, allowing you to drop your commercial EPOS completely. Coming soon.

Can I take international payments? What if my venue isn't in the UK?

Stripe's tech works around the world; there are no limits on geography. You can choose currencies product-by-product in the dashboard.

Can I control the branding of the interface?

Your identity is important to you and your customers, so we don't commoditise it like Amazon or other marketplaces. You can change the messaging, colours, logo etc. Most customers have no idea the tech is implemented by Sticky. And of course, the sticker design is completely up to you. We'll make you a design that pops.

How do refunds work?

The short answer is, as you'd expect. Your customers are entitled to refunds in line with the law. You can request payments to be refunded through the dashboard. We then ask Stripe to refund the customer's money.

Can I make your stickers link to my existing online store instead?

Yes, you can make a Sticky app redirect to any URL. But a better question is not if you can, but if you should. Our value is making it easy for you to build better physical↔digital apps. We can't guarantee it's a good app if you redirect customers away from Sticky.

What if something doesn't work? What does support look like?

You'll have a number you can call to speak to us directly, any time of day or night (one of us is awake for every hour of the day). We're an agile, growing startup so we move fast and build+fix things extremely quickly, typically in a matter of hours and minutes.

Be a part of something even bigger

Order anywhere sticker

Order anywhere

Let your customers order food and drink from their table without signing up or typing in a card number.

Don't make your customers download an app that tells them to buy from your competitors. Let your customers order with an app-less experience that's 100% your look and feel.

Retail sticker


Imagine a world where there's no compromise between your physical and online sales.

Your customers see an always-visible cart as they browse your store. If they've checked out with any Sticky app before, they can check out with Apple Pay+Google Pay in a single tap. No sign up or log in.

Discovery trail sticker

Area + venue discovery

Enhance your area or venue with interactive discovery trails. Curate the visitor experience from their first Google search through to their last physical step.

Visitors tap your stickers to see a live map. Add rich info+video in just two clicks. No app required.

Check in sticker

Check in

Have you experienced the pain of giving your name and phone number to every restaurant? Free your customers from this pain.

Build check in flows where customers only have to type in their info once for every venue they visit, ever.

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