Tap. Pay. Enjoy.

Stickies let people interact with the world around them using the same technology as contactless payments.

Order and pay in just 4 taps and in 10 seconds or less. No app or sign up required.

Offer the first order-at-table experience people really want to use.

Orders come through on an iPad or tablet — anywhere you can use the web.

Use our full POS to manage products and stock all in the same place.

All for the same price — with no contract.

The quickest and simplest order-at-table experience ever


£5/sticky or less


Make your own design that pops, or choose one of ours.

Order as many as you need, however often you need them.

50p/tapped sticky/day


Pay As You Go, billed monthly with no contract. If nobody taps your stickies, pay nothing.

Capped at £50/dashboard/month.

1.5%+ 5p/payment


An industry leading transaction rate with no minimum volume.

Take payments in 10 seconds or less with Apple Pay.

Questions and answers

What makes this better than other 'order at table' solutions?

  • Downloading apps is slow. Our tech doesn't need an app.
  • Creating order friction (e.g. by making your customers scan a QR code) reduces the probability they will order from their table by themselves.
  • Third party apps have nothing to do with your venue's identity, commoditising the relationship between you and your customers (customers build a relationship with the app instead of with you). This erodes your identity over time. Third party apps only grow and make money when they break the direct relationship between you and your customers. We make money when this relationship is stronger rather than weaker.
  • Nearly all apps are poorly designed because developers built them quickly in response to COVID. We built our tech before COVID was something any of us had heard of.

Can I take regular card payments?

Yes! We trigger Apple Pay or Google Pay if they are available, otherwise people can input their card details to pay. Most phones autocomplete the card number, making paying almost as good and quick as Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can take non-mobile card payments through our POS.

Can you integrate with my POS?

We give you everything you need to run your business, from product management and stock control to a 'live order view' showing your orders. This is nearly always enough to make people migrate, so we purposefully don't integrate with other POS systems. We can sync your products if you use Zonal - see Announcing 'sync with Zonal' - what it means and how it works.

What if my venue isn't in the UK?

Our payment tech works around the world; there are no limits on geography. You can choose currencies product-by-product in your dashboard.

Can I control all the branding?

Your identity is important to you and your customers, so we don't commoditise it like Amazon or other marketplaces. You can change the messaging, colours, logo and more. And of course, your stickies' design is completely all for you. Make your own design that pops.

Can I link to my existing online store?

No. Our platform makes it easy for you to build experiences that guarantee a quick, safe and valuable consumer experience. That guarantee can't be applied to the web at large - most mobile checkout flows are still very poor.

Be a part of something even bigger

Order anywhere sticker

Order anywhere

Don't make your customers download an app that tells them to buy from your competitors. Let them order without scanning a QR code, downloading an app, choosing their table or typing in a card number.

Offer an experience that's 10x faster than anything else.

Discovery trail sticker

Area + venue discovery

Enhance your area or venue with a discovery trail. Curate the visitor experience from their first Google search through to their last physical step. No app required.

Choose locations and add rich info+video in just a few clicks. All your visitors have to do is tap.

Retail sticker


Imagine a world where there's no compromise between your physical store and online sales.

Your customers see an always-visible cart as they tap stickies in your store. If they've checked out with a sticky anywhere just once before, they can pay with a single tap.

Check in sticker

Check in

How annoying is giving your name and number to every restaurant? Free your customers from this pain.

Build a one-step check in so your customers only have to input in their info once for every venue they visit. No app. No sign up or log in. Just the quickest check in ever.