Turn anything into a point of sale

Let your customers pay in 30 seconds or less, without having to queue

Physical? Yes. Digital? Yes. Compromise? None

We imagine a world where your customers don't have to compromise between your physical and digital experience. They want a great experience with you whether they shop online or in person, and they want great experiences like this at all their favourite shops, bars and venues.

An online store vs a physical retail environment with a phone tapping an NFC-enabled plinth

Our work in retail came about from seeing a world where your customers expect instant checkout and a deeper, aspirational understanding of what they buy.

Rich video, "people like me wearing this" and authentic reviews have become the new norm.

Get sticky

Place stickies at the most important parts of your customer's journey to make a physical↔digital app.

Each sticky is uniquely identifiable. Use our simple dashboard to connect them to your apps. No hardware required — just your browser.

The best retail experience. Ever.

Get engagement

We've done the hard work to make your products look beautiful. Your customers see an always-visible cart as they browse your store.

No sign up or log in. If they've checked out with Sticky before, check out is a single tap through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The easiest way for your customers to pay. Ever.

Get paid

Your balance is stored securely with Stripe. Setup couldn't be simpler. We send you a link to get going in just a few minutes.

Then, get paid weekly or daily, even before card payments have cleared.

The easiest way to get paid. Ever.

Are you struggling to understand your customers?

Loyalty and marketplace apps claim to offer the best footfall and demographic data, but these apps commoditise the high street and only a reach a tiny % of people.

Even if they worked well your data would be limited to activity within your business alone.

Abstracting data sharing between retailers to deliver network benefits

We give you a holistic understanding of your customers and their activity across all Sticky retailers.

Imagine not just understanding which products are performing best, but instead who's buying them, their "job to be done" and how they shop inside and outside your own four walls.

All whilst protecting everyone's right to privacy.

The problem

When we asked ourselves "What does good retail look like?" we found our answers didn't match reality.

Little consumer incentive against digital

Shirts in a retail store

We felt there was too little incentive to visit physical retail; for example, online stores can present effective discounts and offers, but this is very difficult in physical retail as retailers do not know their customers well enough.

Personalised incentives in physical retail were impossible until we built our technology.

A delivery box

This alone made physical retail a 'tough sell' against online discounting and the convenience of next-day delivery.

The consumer experience is poor

We thought the consumer experience could be better - a lot better. Nobody likes queuing. Or "We don't take American Express" (or worse, "Minimum card payment").

People queueing outside a store

And we thought we could add value by making it 10x easier to buy age restricted products, or remembering sizes and allergies between retailers. Those are the consumer pain points today.

Paying for things

Our hunch was that mobile-first payments would be the new norm, so why was it so difficult for smaller retails to jump into this technology?

Consumers love Amazon, not retailers

Since the rise of Amazon, the consumer↔retailer relationship has diminished significantly. Retailers relying on aggregators have become squeezed commodities. Retailers who steer clear suffer too as Amazon's logistics talent is difficult to beat.

Hands shaking

We knew that retailers needed to work together to beat Amazon. But loyalty schemes are often not 'sticky' enough to be effective.

Manual partnerships are sometimes possible but don't scale and consumers hate jumping through the hoops.

It became clear that businesses' advantage was their identity, yet it was being erased by aggregators and loyalty apps.

We knew we had to take action.

Our vision

Only a company that provides an amazing consumer journey at every touchpoint - and with great network effects between retailers - can help physical retail compete with (and complement) digital. So we built that company and called it Sticky.

For consumers

We offer the deepest, most aspirational product info and the world's quickest checkout.

Our goal is that by 2021, consumers actively choose retailers who implement Sticky because their experience is so frictionless.

For retailers

By late 2021 we'll offer retailers significant benefits, creating a strong 2-sided consumer↔retailer market.

Consumer↔retailer relationships will be measurably better and our bundletech will be retailers' prime engine for growth.




Make your own design that pops, or choose one of ours.

Order as many as you need, however often you need them.

£2/active sticky/month


Pay As You Go subscription on active, physical stickies.

Only pay for stickies you want to work. Calculated daily.


Per transaction

An industry leading flat rate 1.5% per transaction.

No fixed cost per transaction. Sell less, pay less.

Be part of a tomorrow's retail, today