The easiest and most-fun way to make interactive discovery trails of areas and venues.

Our stickers allow anyone with a smartphone to interact with the world around them, inside or outside, using the same technology as contactless payments.

Just tap. No app required.

Build and design discovery trails featuring local businesses and points of interest in minutes.

Whatever's fun or great in your area — let people find it and experience it like never before.

Break the physical​↔digital boundary.

We're playing an important part in safely reopening the high street — our stickers are not a vitamin; they're a pill. Your discovery trail will help businesses make money.

Every business can sell products by turning any surface or product into a point of sale, letting their customers check out in 5 seconds or less, without having to queue.

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Per sticker

No minimum order on our cool stock designs. Minimum 50 for your own design. Free delivery.



We spend this on working with you to make your discovery trail as awesome as possible.


No subscription

We don't believe in paying more for something you already own. Support is free.

Like what you see? Let's talk