Taxi drivers can now take contactless payments using Stickypay. Our industry leading payment solution is perfect for taking taxi fares on the go.

Get paid faster with same day and next day settlement and benefit from our leading card processing fees with no hidden costs.

How to set up your account

Step 1

Create your account here

Step 2

In order to process card payments you will need to set up Stickypay.

Select the account tab on the left > Payment provider > Start taking payments > Choose Stickypay

Step 3

To complete your Stickypay application you will need to verify your ID.

All applications will be reviewed and processed within 24hrs.

Payment Processing

1% Debit and credit cards. 2% Commercial and international cards. No additional fees and available on our Freemium plan.

No hidden costs just simple payment processing.

All payments taken up until 4am paid into your account before 9am the same day.

Ordering stickers

Once you’ve created an account you will have full access to many features, to start taking contactless payments you will need to purchase your stickers from the Sticky Store.

Generic stickers can be purchased individually for £5/ea, If ordered before 2pm individual stickers are shipped the same day.

Freemium plan & card processing fees

If you are simply wanting to just take payments you will remain on the default FREEMIUM plan. There are no monthly fees associated with this plan and it’s free forever!

Card processing fees are 1% for consumer debit and credit cards and 2% commercial and international cards.

How to take a payment in a taxi cab

Using any mobile device access the Sticky® dashboard and select manual payment, enter the amount and select the sticker you want the taxi fare to tap. Stickers are named in your dashboard to easily identify them, the customer simply taps with a mobile device as they would with any contactless card machine to make a payment.

taxi fare

Taxi Driver Dashboard

Enter the taxi fare amount in your Sticky dashboard using any mobile device and send to the sticker placed in the taxi cab.

Contactless payments


Individual stickers cost £5/ea (Generic design) and perfect for independent taxi drivers. Multiple stickers can be active from one dashboard enabling for the taxi cab to have stickers located in passenger areas.

Taxi firms with multiple taxi drivers may want to consider branded stickers and will need one of our paid plans to administer individual taxi cab operators, one of our team members can advise the better plan for your business.

contactless payments

Paying a taxi fare

Customers pay their taxi fare by tapping the sticker with a mobile device.

Payment is made with Apple Pay, Google Pay or by entering card details manually.