Sticky® has developed an innovative emergency call system to offer vital help to victims of drink spiking and attacks by injection in nightclubs and bars. 

The unique HALO system of stickers allows victims to anonymously summon help in a matter of moments through a simple tap of their phone if they suspect they have been attacked. 

How it works

Halo is a system of stickers which when tapped send an emergency distress call to one or multiple members of staff in the club or bar who can then respond immediately. 

The Halo sticker works with just one tap of a mobile phone, if someone is in distress, they simply tap the sticker, and it sends a Halo alert to a designated or multiple team members in a venue who can respond. Each sticker can call or send SMS messages to one or multiple club team members.

No App To Download

The Halo stickers do not require anybody to download an app, store a mobile number on their phone or go searching through their contacts for help.

club alert systems

Automated Calls

Message details and instruction can be changed instantly from the management dashboard.

Phone numbers to call can be added, deleted and changed in seconds keeping the Halo stickers optimised and in line with shift and duty patterns.

Calls from Halo are FREE and no charge for the venue or the the guest who taps.

Halo system features

  • Flashing white Halo screen, when a person has tapped a sticker the tappers phone can display a white flashing screen, making the tapper easily identifiable in crowded areas.
  • Check-in feature utilising our one tap stickers, this also acts as an instruction point to advise guests the venue has the Halo system in place. Choose additional functions such as check-in pop up screen with Halo sticker locations, loyalty and promotions.

All features can be turned off or on from the management dashboard. More features are available within the Halo package and bolted on to suit the venue needs.

Halo discs and stickers

One time purchase of stickers is needed, additional stickers can be purchased at anytime.

spiking alert system for nightclubs and bars

Stickers include 89mm Halo disc and active Halo sticky in the centre. Laminated and durable, stickers are not easily removed.