Objectives of the project

The charity was seeking an efficient and interactive way to facilitate donations during their fundraising events, attended by more than 500 guests.

Sticky was the ideal solution to cater to their diverse range of needs, from raffle entries and auctions to direct donations.



  • Managing a large event with over 500 guests
  • Coordination of on-the-floor staff (facilitators)
  • Expense and logistics of hardware
  • Limited donation touch points
  • Meeting KPI’s for 2023


The charity’s key objectives were:

  • To facilitate donations
  • To manage raffle entries
  • To run a pre-bidding process for auctions
  • To subsequently take payments for successful bids


Project Details

Target Demographics
The event was ticketed at 250 euros per head and had a long association with businesses, celebrities, and philanthropic individuals.

Donation and Payment
Cork ARC uses Stripe, which integrates with their charity platform, Champ. Sticky provided stickers that acted as easy touchpoints for donations at tables and various other physical locations.

Donation Flows
Both Sticky and Cork ARC’s marketing teams collaborated to enhance user engagement through the stickers.

Cork ARC Event Cork ARC Event

How Sticky’s strategic solution generated significant donations for the client


The Sticky no-code platform was adapted to meet the unique needs of a charity fundraising environment. Sticky’s solution led to unprecedented success in Cork ARC’s fundraising efforts.

First, we identified the target demographic, this was a ticket event costing 250 euros each. The charity has a long association with prominent businesses, organisations, celebrities and individuals who support them. Next, we shifted focus on to donations and payment provision. For example, Cork ARC use Stripe as a provider which integrates into their Champ (charity platform). A quick overview on how many stickers were needed for the tables and all other physical spaces to be included as donation touchpoints.

Finally, the build of flows to facilitate donations and the marketing teams (Sticky and CorkARC) worked together to add further engagement when tapping the stickers.


  • Marketing and events team are the creatives.
  • Engaging ‘no fuss’ donations
  • The platform does all the heavy lifting and payment facilitation.
  • Increased ATV
  • Added value to event sponsors

Cork ARC Event - Sticky on a table for donations and the auction Cork ARC Event - Sticky on a table for donations and the auction
Preview of Cork ARC donation system built with Sticky


Project Outcomes

The charity increased donations, year on year, the event total was the best yet! The MC on stage for 90 minutes interacted with the stickers and guests resulting in a donation made every 1.11 minutes during this peak time. Donation ranged from 20 – 1000 euros, donations were made top of this range and the most popular amount being 100 euros. Activity and peak time reporting, provide learning to streamline peak times to drive donations. Newsletter sign ups and marketing preferences provide future engagement opportunities.



Sticky’s platform made the daunting task of fundraising so much easier. With their expertise, we could focus on what we do best—providing support for cancer patients and their families. The detailed metrics and insights will undeniably help us make future events even more successful.
Cork ARC Team