Objectives of the project

PJEA aimed to introduce an innovative product to elevate productivity and engagement at their headline event spaces.

The Peter Jones Foundation was founded in 2005 with a mission to empower the youth of Britain. It sought an innovative solution for improving networking between Mentors and Mentees at their events, while also enhancing data capture and donor engagement. Sticky provided the ideal platform to meet these complex requirements.


The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy (PJEA) faced multiple challenges, particularly during their fast-paced networking events:

Key Challenges:

  • Time-sensitive networking opportunities
  • Necessity for after-event follow-ups and social connections
  • Data and feedback capture
  • Promotion of donation links to raise funds

Peter Jones Foundation Event Peter Jones Foundation Event

How Sticky’s strategic solution generated significant networking & feedback data for Peter Jones Foundation


The Sticky no-code platform provided a host of real-time features adaptable to varied audiences and environments:

Check-In and Networking

  • Tap to add contacts feature
  • Business cards created by delegates
  • Facilitated quick connections between Mentors and Mentees

Feedback and Data Capture

  • Instant feedback form
  • Real-time access to who attended, feedback received, and newsletter sign-ups

Fundraising and Engagement

  • Direct donation point linking to current campaigns
  • Enhanced brand awareness through interactive networking formats

Added Value for Sponsors

  • Increased engagement led to added value for event sponsors

Peter Jones Foundation Event Peter Jones Foundation Event

Project Outcomes

95% of all delegates continued to utilise their stickers throughout the event. A number of delegates continued to utilise their sticker after taking it away with them.


  • Teams easily design around current events.
  • Check in and business card created by delegates.
  • Data from who attended, feedback, promotion and newsletter sign up.
  • Increased engagement
  • Added value to event sponsors

With Sticky, the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy not only streamlined their networking but also succeeded in gathering valuable data, thereby achieving their objectives of creating a more engaging and productive event.


True customisation was needed to make our event ‘work’ as best as possible and Sticky have the two things required to provide clients that in buckets: awesome tech and an awesome team! They understood our needs perfectly and kept us reassured right throughout – needless to say our guests loved the contactless sharing but most importantly we captured the data we needed. Awesome awesome awesome!
Kumar Hindocha – Head of Partnerships