The Sticky Low Code Platform is redefining the landscape of event management with its cutting-edge technology. It offers a seamless integration into existing CRM and Event Management Systems, presenting a unique, customisable solution that elevates the attendee experience while simplifying event logistics.

Real-time Data Capture for Attendee Experiences

With its real-time data capture, Sticky brings instant data processing to the forefront, significantly enhancing customer interactions and operational efficiency across various industries. The platform’s use of the latest digital technologies ensures that attendee management is not only efficient but also a superior experience, courtesy of seamless check-ins and data acquisition.

The digital registration process is notably improved, with the platform’s ability to track registrations as they happen, leading to a more effective management of attendees. Despite these advancements, Sticky also prioritises security and privacy, employing advanced encryption methods and conforming to international data protection standards to safeguard user information.

Implementing Sticky is a strategic move that involves a smooth integration with existing infrastructures and necessitates adequate staff training and change management to transition seamlessly to more sophisticated event management processes.

Instant Event Check-in and Data Capture Capabilities

Across different sectors, including hospitality, tourism, and retail, Sticky is making a mark with its instant check-in and data capture capabilities. The platform’s intuitive design and user-centric approach ensure that real-time check-ins are straightforward, fostering a positive and efficient initial interaction at events.

Investing in Sticky is cost-effective, with the benefits of enhanced data capture efficiency and improved attendee experiences far outweighing the implementation costs.

In the FAQs section, the article addresses common queries by explaining how real-time data capture enhances the event experience by streamlining entry processes, providing real-time feedback, and personalising the attendee journey.

Sticky’s  design ensures easy integration with current systems, facilitating a smooth transition to advanced, data-driven event management. It supports a global audience with multilingual capabilities and provides comprehensive analytics to tailor events to individual attendee behaviour and preferences.

In conclusion, Sticky embodies the next generation of event management tools, delivering unparalleled real-time functionalities that not only ensure the success of an event but also enhance the memorability of the attendee experience.


How does real-time data capture enhance the event experience for attendees?

Real-time data capture significantly enriches the event experience by reducing wait times, providing instant feedback, and personalising attendee interactions.

Can Sticky integrate with existing CRM and EMS systems?

Yes, Sticky is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing CRM and EMS systems.

How does Sticky support multilingual events and accessibility?

Sticky offers multilingual support and ensures accessibility, catering to a diverse global audience.

What analytics can be performed with Sticky data capture?

Sticky facilitates various analytics, including attendee behaviour analysis and event personalisation strategies.


The Sticky Low Code Platform exemplifies the future of event management, offering unmatched real-time check-in, registration, and data capture capabilities. By adopting this technology, event organisers not only guarantee successful events but also create memorable experiences for attendees.