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Sticky Retail
two customers engaging with their mobile phone from a sms message sent by a retailer
Hospitality, Retail

How to Deliver Great Customer Engagement with Sticky

Sticky is a next-level customer engagement platform that connects branded NFC stickers and a low-code dashboard to create and deliver […]

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Logistics, Retail

Taxi Card Payments

When it comes to taxi card payments, being simple and efficient matters. No matter if you’re a solo driver or […]

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POS and Pop up star

5 Ways to Maximise Retail Spaces with NFC Stickers

Discover the 5 game-changing ways NFC stickers are reshaping retail: from revolutionising POS to maximising space and enhancing the pop […]

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retail technology services
Asset Tracking, Events & Exhibitions, News, Retail

Innovative Product of the Year Award at the Smart Retail Tech Expo 2024

The future of retail technology at Smart Retail Tech Expo 2024. Learn about our award-winning innovation and the latest industry […]

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Lady using NFC stickers to shop for items after closing hours
Asset Tracking, Retail

Shaping the Future of Retail with 24/7 Interactive Shopping

Discover how Sticky redefines retail with smart stickers—making shopping interactive and accessible 24/7, well beyond the usual opening hours. In […]

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Smart Retail Tech Expo

Sticky Shortlisted for an Award at the Smart Retail Tech Expo

Sticky, a key innovator in retail technology, is delighted to announce our shortlisting for the ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ […]

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Sticky NFC stickers abd low code platform for asset tracking and ESLs (electronic shelf labels)
Asset Tracking, Retail

Asset Tracking, ESLs, and the Power of the Low Code Platform in Retail

Sticky’s NFC & low-code tech revolutionises retail with seamless digital-physical blend, enhancing asset tracking, ESLs for efficient operations

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Sticky NFC secure payments
Charities, Hospitality, Hotels, Retail

NFC Technology and Secure Transactions

Sticky’s NFC payment technology is revolutionising secure transactions for UK businesses. Learn about the risks of QR codes and the […]

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