The roaring 2020's: how stickers helped pubs reopen on Super Saturday (and here's what we all ordered)

6 July 2020 — The hospitality sector estimates £73 billion in lost revenue this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to hospitality trade bodies — that's about 50 percent of what it was expected to generate before the virus hit. Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions at the weekend, fewer than one fifth of Brits are planning to return to food and drink venues soon according to a report by RBC Capital Markets.

Sticky, a tech startup that makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone to order without downloading an extra app and pay by just tapping a sticker, has worked with pubs and restaurants on their Super Saturday opening to help staff and guests remain COVID-secure. As an end-to-end solution for businesses, Sticky is uniquely placed to gather data on what the nation was eager to order when they were given the chance post-lockdown:

  • The first post-lockdown order was a single pint of Peroni at 11:54.
  • Orders quickly picked up with the repeat-order time per table averaging at just 21 minutes.
  • By 1pm, orders had already become bigger and more ambitious. One customer ordered 5 pints and 4 jägerbombs in a single transaction at 12:34.
  • The top selling pints were Coors, Carling, Pravha, Doom Bar and Yorkshire Blonde.

Comments sent before paying included positive messages that show appreciation for the staff, like "Have a lovely day ♥️" and "Make the loaded fries the best ones - you're all doing an amazing job".

James Garner, founder and CEO of Sticky said, "July fourth was a historic moment for UK pubs. The new normal is not something that happens by itself - it's a future created by pub owners and technology companies working together. We are so proud to have played a part in reopening hospitality with our contactless stickers and technology. Our reopening day target was hit by just 7pm and by midday Sunday we had already generated over £600 of additional revenue for just one pub's outdoor area. We rolled out this technology with a single on-site visit and feedback from pub customers has been fantastic."

Simon Hopla, owner of The Marquis of Granby, Keighley said, "Our customers love being able to order from their table without having to download an app or sign up for a third party service. They just tap the sticker, order and pay. Because the stickers reflect our pub's unique identity, we were able to strengthen our customer relationships whilst making it safer and more convenient to eat and drink in areas which would otherwise be difficult to service. It's a win-win and we are extremely impressed with Sticky's attention to detail and unique vision for pubs and restaurants."

Order anywhere stickers

Staff at The Marquis of Granby

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Unlike third party order-at-table apps, which customers have to download and sign up for, Sticky's technology doesn't need an app or an account. The experience is a 10x improvement on the app-based order-at-table tech customers are already using at Wetherspoons and other pub chains.

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