Positioning UK towns and cities as leaders in discovery, hospitality and retail technology.

Sticky’s technology builds direct relationships between Local Authority and BID organisations, local business and their consumers, all without an app or QR code, strengthening your area’s identity and economy.

Stickies let people interact with the world around them using the same technology as contactless payments.

Creating BID Power Towns

If you’re thinking about implementing a loyalty or marketplace app, that’s good news. It means you’re proactive on the success of your levy payers.

The bad news is that loyalty and marketplace apps sit between businesses and their customers, they commoditise and control the relationship like Amazon.

Powerful tools to help you consistently communicate and deliver.

Create engaging discovery trails packed with rewards, promotions and surveys.

Link other Sticky® business venues.

Create meaningful survey touch points.

Analyse data you collect from surveys.

Promote and offer rewards.

Big Data

Collect data from survey touch points to gain a bigger insight into the BID visitors and community around you.

Business Improvement District Partnership

Sticky empowers independent business owners to create something special without dependancy on 3rd party app providers.

Your local business community benefits and we help enrich the BID strategy in the area.



Unlimited menu and special offers. Customers order and pay under 15 seconds. No QR Code or App to download.

QSR & Fast Food

Commission Free

Say goodbye to costly 3rd party delivery and pick up apps. Easily create commission free pick up and delivery.


Increase Sales

Increase sales by placing stickies in neighbourhood business offices and factories. Fast lunch pick up, reduces queues and time.


Express Check Out

Online orders or in store purchases, simply with stickies. From self service to express check out lanes in the busy periods.


Admin & Booking

Streamline admin, logging and boost productivity within a business. Everything from staff clock in to booking appointments and digital business cards.

Build Your Own

Solve problems

Easily create problem solving stickies, just one tap can automate tasks or enhance a customers experience. Our No Code platform is revolutionary!