Revolutionise your business with stickies and our no code development platform.

Transform operations and enhance consumer experience.

The Sticky innovative no code development platform and sticker solutions are designed to revolutionise your business operations and enhance customer experience. Whether you operate in the theme parks and leisure, hospitality, food retail and QSRs, events and exhibitions, or charity fundraising sector, our platform provides powerful tools to streamline operations, increase engagement, and achieve your business goals.

Theme park no-code application builder

Theme Parks

Theme parks and leisure facilities create custom solutions that enhance the guest experience. From interactive maps and virtual queues to contactless payments and personalised recommendations.

No code application builder for hospitality


Hospitality business teams looking to create seamless guest experiences. With features such as contactless check-in and mobile ordering, loyalty programs, and targeted marketing campaigns.

food retail and quick service restaurant apps

Food Retails & QSRs

Food retailers improve their operations and customer experience. Create tailored solutions that boost sales and customer loyalty through mobile ordering and payment, loyalty programs

Events and exhibitions app builder

Events & Exhibitions

A powerful toolkit for creating immersive experiences at events and exhibitions. From digital signage and interactive exhibits to real-time feedback and surveys. Teams increase engagement, and maximise ROI.

Charity cashless donations app

Charity Fundraising

Our no-code development platform and stickies are perfect for charity fundraising. With features such as contactless donations and personalised messaging, reach a broader audience and raise more funds.

Holiday park no code operations and experience application builder

Holiday Parks

Holiday parks benefit from creating personalised experiences for guests. Features such as mobile check-in, contactless payments, and operations, improve the guest experience and streamline operations and management goals.

Sticky® is building a developer network effect.

Create applications with low-code.

With Sticky, you can build your own custom solutions using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and JavaScript.

Whether you need to connect Sticky to your EPOS/CRM system, automate flows, or enhance customer experience, you can do it all with our low-code platform.

Open source. Write flow steps in Javascript and connect to EPOS/CRM. Our integration layer is open source.

Open API. Access everything with our 100% open API. Automate tasks, sync your data.

Plug and play SDK. We make it easy to write flow steps for the global developer community.