Monthly Plans

This article is for business owners and explains how to upgrade your plan and describes how to configure additional flows (solutions) in the Sticky® dashboard.

All new accounts come with the FREE monthly pricing plan where you can create one single action such as take contactless payments or create a pay at table solution for your business.

Example; To enable pay at table, collection and delivery orders to run together at the same time you will need to add 2 x more flows and upgrade to the STARTER plan.

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Create account

  1. Enter your business name and email
  2. Choose your business location
  3. Choose the currency you want to take payments in.

One Free flow is enabled

Multiple pre-baked actions to choose from or you can create your own using ‘Steps’ in our no code platform.

Enabling additional flows

To create additional ‘flows’ such as timed collection orders or website order platform.
  1. Choose > Add a flow
  2. Choose > Plan
  3. Enter your payment information

Your card will be charged on the 1st of every month. Upgrades processed during the month will be charged for the remaining days active of that given month and then billed on the 1st for one full month.

Instant upgrade

Additional flows are available immediately.

Choose > Add a flow

Select from the pre-baked solutions or create your own.


Perfect for fund raising and contractors wanting to take contactless payments



One Flow

Unlimited Steps

(Flow bolt ons)

Perfect for hospitality and retail wanting to develop in person and online ordering



Five Flows

Unlimited Steps

(Flow bolt ons)

Perfect for events and promotions needing linked functionality across multiple flows



Ten Flows

Unlimited Steps

(Flow bolt ons)

For information on our enterprise solutions please contact the team.


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