How to buy stickies

1) Sign up

Click below:

It's free, so you've got nothing to lose. You can add as many free 'virtual' stickies as you like before you even buy any physical stickies.

You only pay for physical stickies that get tapped at least once a day (more on pricing here). If you order a sticky and never tap it, it's free forever. Which brings us to the next step...

2) Use the Sticky Store

Find the button for the Sticky Store on the left hand side of your dashboard:

To order your own branded stickies, choose from our sticky packs. The more you order, the less they cost.

To order just 4 generic stickies to get a feel for the Sticky experience, choose the "Sticker pack" product:

Choose "Add for £20.00" then "Finish and pay £20.00":

Then pay.

3) Find your order

Choose "My account" then "Orders":

If you have any queries about your order, click the timestamp (Last Thursday at 15:08 in the screenshot) and copy the ID that appears in the popup box. This will allow us to find your order quickly.

4) Get tapping

When your stickies arrive, they'll already be in your dashboard. Head to the "Stickies" tab. Your free 'virtual' stickies will be at the top, and your physical stickies below. Notice the green "Free" label and delete icon next to the first two free 'virtual' stickies.

5) Back to the start

As Sticky helps your business grow, ordering more stickies to grow even more makes a lot of sense. Remember, you only pay for a sticky once a day if it gets tapped on that day, so it doesn't hurt to order more than you need.