Setting Up Payments

This article is for business owners and explains how to set-up and start taking contactless payments using Apple Pay. The guide describes the steps required to configure payments in the Sticky® dashboard.

Create an account

To start creating

Limited companies and organisations can start the application process by submitting the lead signatory ID documents and a member of our team will contact you to complete the application.

Create account with Sticky@
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Create account

  1. Enter your business name and email
  2. Choose your business location
  3. Choose the currency you want to take payments in.

Setting up contactless payments

Enable payments with Stickypay
  1. Go to Account > Payments tab
  2. Demo account > Choose > start taking payments
  3. Choose > Stickypay

Application process

Applications before 4pm (GMT) Mon – Friday will be approved the same day.
  1. Read the important information
  2. Choose > Agree > Electronic Signature
  3. Choose > Verify my ID tab
  4. Upload your proof of ID

Why do we need to verify your ID?

You will need to upload 3 forms of ID

  1. Photo ID
  2. Proof of address
  3. Proof of banking

We need to verify your ID to comply with anti money laundering regulations and to keep everyone safe.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Anything you upload is only visible to our dedicated compliance team and anyone who has access to your dashboard.

Once verified your uploads will be deleted.

What’s valid?
  • Passport (photo page and page above)
  • Full driving license (front and back)
What’s not valid?
  • Provisional driving license
Make sure…
  • It’s not expired
  • All four corners are inside the frame
  • The photo is in focus
  • All text is clearly legible
What’s valid?
  • Personal bank, credit or debit card statement
  • Utility bill (gas, electric, water or fixed line telephone)
  • Council tax demand letter or statement
  • Evidence of entitlement to a state- or local authority-funded benefit (including housing benefit, council tax benefit, tax credits, state pension, educational or other grant)
  • HMRC-issued tax notification
What’s not valid?
  • Employer-issued document such as a P60
  • Mobile phone bill
Make sure…
  • It shows your name and address
  • It’s dated within the last 3 months
What’s valid?
  • Business bank statement
  • Personal bank statement for sole traders
  • Voided cheque
  • Paying in slip
What’s not valid?
  • Credit or debit card
  • Credit or debit card statements
Make sure…
  • It shows the same sort code and account number as the “Where should we send your money?” box
  • It shows you or your business’ name and address
  • It’s dated within the last 3 months

Additional documents if you are:

  • Limited Company.
  • Charity or a Social Enterprise (CIC) Organisation.
  • Committee run club or organisation.

Upload documents as above, you will need to be an authorised signatory to complete the application.

Applications submitted before 4pm (Mon – Fri) a member of the boarding team will contact you the same day.

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Monthly Plans

This article is for business owners and explains how to upgrade your plan and describes how to configure additional flows (solutions) in the Sticky® dashboard.

All new accounts come with the FREE monthly pricing plan where you can create one single action such as take contactless payments or create a pay at table solution for your business.

Example; To enable pay at table, collection and delivery orders to run together at the same time you will need to add 2 x more flows and upgrade to the STARTER plan.

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Create account

  1. Enter your business name and email
  2. Choose your business location
  3. Choose the currency you want to take payments in.

One Free flow is enabled

Multiple pre-baked actions to choose from or you can create your own using ‘Steps’ in our no code platform.

Enabling additional flows

To create additional ‘flows’ such as timed collection orders or website order platform.
  1. Choose > Add a flow
  2. Choose > Plan
  3. Enter your payment information

Your card will be charged on the 1st of every month. Upgrades processed during the month will be charged for the remaining days active of that given month and then billed on the 1st for one full month.

Instant upgrade

Additional flows are available immediately.

Choose > Add a flow

Select from the pre-baked solutions or create your own.


Perfect for fund raising and contractors wanting to take contactless payments



One Flow

Unlimited Steps

(Flow bolt ons)

Perfect for hospitality and retail wanting to develop in person and online ordering



Five Flows

Unlimited Steps

(Flow bolt ons)

Perfect for events and promotions needing linked functionality across multiple flows



Ten Flows

Unlimited Steps

(Flow bolt ons)

For information on our enterprise solutions please contact the team.


Talk to a team member today about creating unlimited solutions and building the future with Sticky® tech.

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Buying Stickies

This article is for business owners and explains how to purchase stickers from the Sticky® dashboard.

Every sticky has the same shape and size and people instantly recognise them. Our goal is to make stickies as recognisable and the mark something of that’s always quick and good!

What happens when a Sticky is tapped?

This is entirely up to you! Stickers can take payments, simply send the amount to the sticky and ask your customer to tap with their device or place around the premises on tables etc for your customers to tap, order and pay directly using their own devices.

For conferences and events you can attach to lanyards or information points inside or out as they’re weather resistant and pretty tough to remove!

Never worry about connectivity

Forget past experiences with problematic or accessible broadband or poor 3G signal rendering costly card machines useless. Your customer’s mobile phone is the connectivity and with no app to download creates a user experience like no other, taking payments on a sticky can’t be beaten on speed or price!

Generic design

Get started quickly with our generic designs. These are perfect for contractors, pubs and restaurants needing to get payments up and running ASAP.

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Generic Stickies

Generic stickers can be purchased at £5 each.

You can mix and match in any quantity needed and send via Royal Mail 1st class delivery.

Simply select the design/s you want, add to your order and purchase. All stickies purchased will appear in your dashboard once we’ve shipped and will be ready for you to allocate flows.

All new accounts come with a free virtual Sticky, this allows you to preview and set your account quickly. If you’re needing to take payments on your stickers, take a look at our How to set up payments.

Custom Design

Minimum order quantity 100 @ £2/ea

Delivery to your door 7 – 14 days

How to order

The inside of the “tap me” frame is all for you. Choose “Custom design”. We’ll email you asking for your design file.

Top tips:

  • Include a clear “call to action”. People should know what will happen when they tap.
  • Keep it simple. Use simple graphics over long text.
  • Show off your brand; it’s what makes you unique. Stickies inherit your brand’s trust, so people are more likely to tap.

If you are unable to design or require guidance our team are more than happy to help you. Contact the team for assistance

Virtual Stickers

All accounts are provided with a virtual sticker that can be posted your website and social media networks. Our free plan enables one flow which can be applied to multiple stickers.

Payment Links

Payment links are accessed via the Sticky® manual payments facility (ePOS) which is FREE and provides a till operating system for all your inventory and product management. Payment links are not charged any different to your standard pricing, example StickyPay 1% for debit cards and 2% for commercial and international cards.

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