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Launching Stickydiscover - make your own interactive NFC trail

Interact with Sticky stickers by tapping them with your phone then tapping the notification

Our (outdoors) smartphone UI for NFC trails is beautiful

We launched Stickydiscover, the easiest and most-fun way to make NFC trails of areas and venues. This product is exciting for a few reasons:

  • It only took us two days to make it (the power of an application layer, right!?)
  • It epitomises the informal vision of our application layer: to build cool stuff quickly
  • It's a genuine innovation in the 'no code' space and a world first: no other NFC trails have persistent state (showing where you've tapped before), and there's no other 'no code' tool to make NFC trails.

Our (indoors) smartphone UI for NFC trails is beautiful

Stickydiscover is an important milestone in our productization journey: our (and your) ability to make an application or experience, take it to market and make money. It marks the first time we're making product revenue beyond Stickyretail's payments markup.

Find out more on YouTube: Brighouse's secret NFC trail and the launch of Stickydiscover.

There's more!

  • We fit more into less on the Stickyretail product page, made the cart so-slightly transparent and improved the product-photo-swiping UX. An animated hand makes it clear you can swipe between the photos without adding clutter like left-right arrows (ugly). This is a material improvement for people with non-gigantic smartphones.

Minimal checkout UI with product photo swiping and no left-right arrows

  • Location, location, location - locations are now precisely editable in the dashboard, or drag and drop the pin on Google Maps (powered by Stickymaps!)
  • From a Stickyretail product page, your customers can now tap your application's logo to go to a "product grid with name" view.
  • Stickers now support customData just like products (customData is a user-defined area of any entity where you can store key-value pairs). We did this to build Stickydiscover.
  • The Sticky SDK now automagically fixes Safari's "tap near the bottom on iOS, jump the page position" bug that plagues web developers around the world. You're welcome.

Bug fixes

  • If someone entered a seemingly valid (but weakly validated) email, our payment gateway got mad and there would be no way out of a sticky mess. Now there is.
  • Inputs in contact forms were not displayed with your application's colours. Now they are. We also removed the "Background color" application setting, which did basically nothing but stress people out.
  • We fixed "client logic" apps missing the Sticky favicon.
  • We fixed UTF-8 in "client logic" apps so you can now type or paste in emoji to your 💙 's content.