This week in Sticky (2)

Stock control

You asked, we listened. You can now set stock in the dashboard. Here's how it works:

  • New products have 0 stock
  • Products with 0 stock (like a new product) can't be purchased; consumers see "Out of stock" on a disabled buy button
  • Stock gets automatically decreased when products are bought and the payment is completely finished

Payments tab

We added a payments tab showing payments over all applications/products as they happen. Until now you could only see this by viewing events for applications or products one-by-one.

Payments tab sets clear expectations

Collapsible Cart

Our floating cart is beautiful, but not all the time. Consumers can now collapse/expand the cart to increase their screen real estate.

Expand and collapse the Stickyretail cart with a single tap

Choose a domain

You can now customize the full domain that Stickyretail apps serve from. We have added domains and, allowing you to use domains like and are still available and the default is still

Hear a joke

'Hear a joke' stickers demo the first Sticky app ever, which needed some love as the code was deeply baked into our own API and site. We rebuilt this properly using "client logic" and removed ~300 lines of tech debt. These stickers now show jokes much, much faster.

Hear a joke sticker on a London map

Hello, who's calling?

You can now ask for a consumer's phone number at checkout.

Ask for a consumer's phone number at checkout

Sticky email receipts

Our payment gateway now emails Sticky-branded emails to consumers if we have their email. If you want to guarantee a receipt is always emailed to a consumer, always turn on "What's your email" in your applications's "Checkout questions". They won't be asked for their email if they've provided it before.

A receipt email from our payment gateway

A new blog

The first rule of war is "Never march on Moscow in winter". The second is "Direct all traffic to you site, not to others'".

We now host all our blog posts on our website. We'll still post them to Medium.

Screenshot of the Sticky blog

There's more!

  • We fixed a bug where a payment may not have shown in the dashboard due to a race condition
  • We now show you the raw IP address of an event if it's your event
  • You can edit product video URLs/video poster URLs in the dashboard ("Live your life, make videos")
  • We added useful banners for edge cases where things may not be working like you want, for example when a sticker references an application that doesn't exist, or you've written both application client logic and routing logic