The roaring 2020's: how stickers helped pubs reopen on Super Saturday (and here's what we all ordered)

6 July 2020 — Sticky, an innovative contactless technology company that has been helping the UK's retail and hospitality sectors get back on their feet, reveals unique insights on the future of pubs and the most popular food and drinks after lockdown.

James Garner, founder and CEO of Sticky said, "4 July was a historic moment for UK pubs. We are so proud to have played a part in reopening hospitality with our contactless stickers and technology. Our reopening day target was hit by just 7pm and by midday Sunday we had already generated over £560 of additional revenue for just one pub's outdoor area. This would usually require waiting staff to take paper orders and bring out a card machine, which we know customers don't like waiting for. We rolled out this technology with a single on-site visit and feedback from pub customers has been fantastic."

Order anywhere stickers

Simon Hopla, owner of The Marquis of Granby, Keighley said, "Our customers love being able to order from their table without having to download an app or sign up for a third party service. They just tap the sticker, order and pay. Because the stickers reflect our pub's unique identity, we were able to strengthen our customer relationships whilst making it safer and more convenient to eat and drink in areas which would otherwise be difficult to service. It's a win-win and we are extremely impressed with Sticky's attention to detail and unique vision for pubs and restaurants."

What happened at the weekend?

  • The first post-lockdown order was a single pint of Peroni at 11:54.
  • Orders quickly picked up with the repeat-order time per table averaging at just 21 minutes.
  • By 1pm, orders had already become bigger and more ambitious. One customer ordered 5 pints and 4 jägerbombs in a single transaction at 12:34.
  • The top selling pints were Yorkshire Blonde, Coors, Carling, Prahva and Doom Bar.
  • The average order size was £10.50, suggesting that people were not buying drinks just for themselves.

Staff at The Marquis of Granby

Comments sent to the pub in the "Anything else?" box included "Have a lovely day ♥️" and "Make the loaded fries the best ones - you're all doing an amazing job".

What does the future look like?

Simon said, "One of the things we heard a lot before reopening on social media was that order-at-table technology would make us all less sociable and make pubs less fun places to drink. We have now proven this to be categorically untrue. As social distancing measures lift, people still won't have to queue, allowing them to spend more time with their friends and family. The tech has also been beneficial to our pub economics. Our outdoor areas no longer need card machines which have an upfront cost and monthly fee. Customers also pay before we serve their drinks, completely avoiding the famous 'walk away' problem in areas that can't be constantly serviced."

"Venues which have not yet reopened or would like to implement order-at-table stickers should contact Sticky as soon as possible."

James added, "The new normal is not something that happens by itself - it's a future created by pub owners and technology companies working together. We're working 7 days a week to support the reopening of the UK economy because it's our moral duty to help. We can onboard venues in less than 48 hours, and our help and advice is free."

"Unlike traditional 'order at table' apps, which customers have to download and sign up for, our technology doesn't need an app and the experience is a 10x improvement on the app-based order-at-table tech you may have seen at Wetherspoons or other pub chains."

"We run the technology behind the world's most innovative digital-physical experiences, so hospitality was an obvious fit. What lies ahead is even more exciting: helping even more sectors like fitness and construction build outstanding digital-physical experiences with no overhead and zero development costs. Democratising the development of these experiences, for example by making it easy to create town discovery trails, turn anything into a point of sale or track exercise, is the essential ingredient to both Sticky's local vision and global impact."

"Most importantly, Sticky stickers boost venue and town identities, highlighting what makes them unique, instead of commoditising consumer↔business relationships. This is what allowed Amazon to damage what makes our high streets places people want to spend time in and enjoy, so our work is both humbling and impactful on life in the UK."

About Sticky

Sticky's mission is to create experiences that grow the economy.

To find out more, or for press enquiries, contact James Garner or call 0 113 314 1024.

About The Marquis of Granby

The Marquis of Granby in Riddlesden, Keighley, is the hub of the local community providing a central point of focus and meeting place for locals, walkers, cyclists and canal users.

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