Solve problems in physical spaces with Sticky® branded stickers

Everything you need to make more money and transform experiences in hospitality, retail, the enterprise and more.

Sticky’s mission is to make every physical-digital interaction truly transactional. Whether you want to let people order food and drink in 10 seconds or less, turn anything into a point-of-sale, gamify towns and cities, transform fitness or 10x the number of disabled people in work, the only limit is your imagination.

Our Co-Founders

James Garner & Priscilla Israel

James Garner & Priscilla Israel

James Garner, CEO

James is a deep tech founder with a focus on ubiquitous computing, personalisation and digital ethics and a career spanning Entrepreneur First, PlayStation and Beamery. His goal is to build the future and uses technology to empower people to break free, do more and grow local economies.

Priscilla Israel, COO

Pricilla’s entrepreneurship was inspired during her time at PJEA. As a result she is an innovative founder that’s focused on the heart of the business and the commercial results combining her education and work experience in foreign policy, political analysis and corporate cyber security. Priscilla’s objective is to enlighten people through the innovation of technology by providing a business platform like Sticky.